F.I.C. is an accounting firm that specializes in complex financial situations.

We help individuals, families and businesses maintain good business practices or get back on their feet after a significant change.

With over 35-years of experience, F.I.C.’s scope goes from simple accounting and ordinary business transitions to working with IRS debt resolutions, probate, audits, mediation, hostile takeovers, subrogation and more.


If you have fallen into a complicated situation with your finances, we can help. Stress, anxiety and sleepless nights are all indications that you are “in over your head” and need solutions.

Sometimes good people find themselves in bad situations due to complications in their finances, mistakes, ignorance or outside forces beyond their control.

When you experience financial pressure, your health suffers, your family suffers and your peace of mind is shaken at its foundation. If you believe that you are in one of these situations, we can help.