Taxes : International

FICMN Taxes : International

FICMN Advisors provides tax consulting and compliance services for both U.S. investment abroad and for foreign investment into the U.S. Because our professionals in the U.S. lead the international special interest group for UHY International, we have cultivated deep working relationships to assist clients with local tax resources in virtually every business center of the world. This client-centric service model provides dynamic middle market companies with an enhanced understanding of the U.S. and foreign impact of various business decisions, which often impact the profitability of overseas operations as measured by the global effective tax rate. Because tax planning is only one component of international business, we emphasize the need for legal, financial, and operational teamwork so that tax planning evolves within our clients’ overall business objectives. Our professionals have helped clients at various stages of international expansion: Sale & Distribution of Products in Other Countries Performance of Services in Other Countries Structuring Cross-Border Investments by Individuals & Businesses Acquisitions & Joint Ventures Expansion & Financing of Operations in Other Countries Offshore Holding Companies Arrangements for International Manufacturing International Licensing & Exploitation of Intangible Property Improving Tax Efficiency Transfer Pricing Sale or Liquidation of a Business.